Out with the Old in with the New

By: Contributing Writer Parminder Deo

Extroverted. Introverted. Type A personality. Myers-Briggs. All of these words are used to describe different personalities and test what category people fit into.
Many people believe it is impossible to change your personality, but the few that believe you can say it only takes a few steps.
Step 1: Write down what you want to change about yourself. Then think about who you admire and write down what you like about their attitude and how you can incorporate it into your character.
Step 2: Think about your environment and the people you surround yourself with. You want positive people around if you are trying to improve yourself. Ask your friends what they think you should change. But be careful, you want to choose friends that you can take constructive criticism from.
“When I was more introverted I was unable to be friends with as many people as I wanted to be. Eventually I came to the realization that I am more myself when I am outgoing and can better understand others and ultimately found out that at the core I am an extrovert,” sophomore Brianna McIntyre said.
Step 3: Watch your progress. Make sure you are writing down how you are changing. Are you making people around you act differently? Are people noticing a difference in your behavior?
Step 4: Answer to yourself and set yourself up to succeed. Don’t make goals that are unattainable or unreasonable. Be sure to reward yourself as you notice improvements. Every step you take to become better deserves recognition.
It seems pretty straightforward doesn’t it? But can you decide what you like and dislike about yourself?
“Entering college made me question my prior beliefs that I accepted without hesitation. With so many conflicting ideologies, I had to explore avenues I had never been down and revisit ones I had. This was not an instant realization but rather a process of self-exploration,” first-year Jacob Garza said.
Changing your personality can be very beneficial. I can safely say that everyone has, at least once, wanted to change attributes about themselves to help them be the best they could be.
However, don’t change for the sake of fitting in. Discover who you are and see how you can fit some of your old self into your new self.
See how it works out and the great thing is you can always go back to your normal self.


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