Love Your Body Week

This week SMU’s “Love your Body Week” program has been promoting a healthy body image around campus.

Tri Delta Sorority is one of the  six organizations involved in “Love your Body Week.” The sorority has their own program “Fat Talk Free Week” where the girls pledge that they will go the entire week without any fat comments.

Megan Enriquez, the wellness educator chair for Tri Delta, said, “We realize that body image dissatisfaction is a huge societal issue.” When she was approached by Claire Florsheim, the dining services nutritionist in charge of “Love your Body Week,” and asked to help out with the event Enriquez hopped on board.

Whitney Reichlin, a SMU junior who is interning with Florsheim, believes that the most important part of “Love Your Body Week” is that it addresses the medias portrayal of the correct body image and helps students understand why it is incorrect.

The SMU fitness center is also helping out with the event by offering free Group X classes all week.

Yesterday evening “Love Your Body Week” had a symposium where several speakers came to talk about body image and eating disorders. Katya Deahl, a contributing writer to The Daily Campus, attended the symposium and wrote an article about the different speakers, their pasts and their advice.

One of the speakers at the symposium, Kristen McAlexander is a wellness instructor at SMU. She too was asked by Florsheim to participate in “Love Your Body Week.”

McAlexander struggled with unhealthy body image and eating disorders throughout her life and uses her experience to educate others who may be going through the same thing.

“‘Love Your Body Week’ is a great and innovative way to begin or continue conversations about loving and valuing, not just your physical body, but who you are,” McAlexander said.


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