Tips on what and how to eat at The Texas State Fair

One of the biggest hits at the State Fair of Texas is its food.

You can’t attend the fair without indulging in some of its unique food creations.

This year the most creative food award went to the fried bubble gum and buffalo chicken in a flap jack won the best tasting food award.

I went with some friends to the fair yesterday and all though we did not try either of the above mentioned food items we did taste the fried oreos. I’m not a huge fan of fried food but the oreos did not disappoint.

All though the fair does offer a few healthier options, such as the large fruit cups, lemon chills, cotton candy, popcorn, rotisserie chicken, chocolate covered strawberries and TCBY, some people come prepared to eat the not so healthy items.

John Dolus and his wife ran a marathon in San Francisco the Sunday before attending the fair.

“I figured I’d kill 2,600 calories in five hours, I think I can put on 2,000 calories in 25 minutes,” Dolus said.

Dolus had already had a fried frito pie, fried cheesecake and was about to indulge in some chocolate covered straberries.

Some options for people who are attending the Texas State Fair and looking for
options that will help you feel better about what you eat here are some tips:

1. Share with friends and family: If you split an item, whether it is “healthy” or not you will still save calories.

2. Workout: Make sure you do not skip your workout before or after you go to the fair. This way, just like the Dolus and his wife, you can indulge without feeling too guilty.

3. Eat before you arrive at the fair or bring a snack: This way you can still try out one item you’ve heard about, but wont over eat on everything you see.

4. Throw half away: Don’t feel like you need to eat the whole thing. Yes, it can be pricey, but if you don’t want to feel bloated the next day only eat part of what you buy.

5. Ride rides: No one wants to get sick while on one of the many rides at the fair. Think about that as you begin to eat all of the fried food and other snacks offered at the fair.

One last advice I will give you, the turkey leg. It may sound like a healthy option but as I was researching online I discovered how unhealthy it really is. If this is one of your favorites I’d advise not reading ahead because in this case ignorance really can be bliss… The turkey leg consists of 1136 calories and 56 grams of fat. If you’re eating it as your meal because you think it is a better option than another item you really want, you should probably just go for what you’re really craving.

Listen to my interview with John Dolus.


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