Listeria Outbreak Kills as Many as 15

Photo from Associated Press

One crop of cantaloupes has caused as many as 15 deaths in the U.S. Two of those deaths were in Texas.

A Colorado cantaloupe crop was contaminated with the listeria monocytogenes bacteria.

There have been over 84 reports of illnesses in relation to the listeria outbreak (17 in Texas). And the report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the illness could still grow.

The Rocky- Ford brand cantaloupes are produced by Jensen Farms. The company issued a voluntary recall of the fruit  on September 14, but consumers should still be careful.

FoxNews reports that Jensen Farms can’t provide a list of its retailers that have sold the cantaloupe because the fruit has been sold and resold to too many different stores.

Photo from Wikipedia

Rep. Diana DeGette of Denver plans to hold a congressional hearing in relation to the listeria outbreak. reported that the hearing will have a two-fold objective:

1. To highlight the success in tracking the source of the outbreak and

2. To come up with a better method to make sure another outbreak does not recur.

Eric and Ryan Jensen are the owners of the Jensen Farms brand. The reported that Eric Jensen is unaware of how his cantaloupe came to be contaminated.

Photo from seattlepi

It is important to be aware of the cantaloupe you are eating while the outbreak is being resolved. Even if you are feeling all right after having part of a cantaloupe from Jensen Farms you should not eat the rest of it. CNN reported that consumers should also be wary of eating any cantaloupe if they are not sure where it originated from.

Jensen Farms is not the only company that has run into a bacteria problem. CNN reported in a separate article that on Thursday True Leaf Farms announced a recall on their lettuce products after a random sample detected listeria monocytogenes in a bag of its romaine lettuce.


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