Lander Peerman’s Guide to a Healthy Life

Lander Peerman graduated from the University of Texas and is the founder of DASH Fitness. DASH Fitness is a program that promotes “lifestyle fitness” and encourages women to lead a fit and healthy life. Her fitness company was created exclusively for women so the workout and meal plan listed here are targeted specifically for them.

Peerman says she has always been a proponent of leading by example and has provided us with an example of her meal plan and her weekly workout.


  • Breakfast: 1/2 cup Oatmeal with berries and a cup of coffee
  • Mid morning snack: Piece of fruit or handful of almonds
  • Lunch: Complex carb + protein (usually a whole grain turkey wrap with veggies)
  • Mid afternoon snack: Energy bar (with low sugar)- provides enough complex carb for her workout which she usually does in the evening before dinner.
  • Dinner: Sushi is her favorite dinner option or a lean chicken or fish with veggies
  • Midday or end of the day treat: Two small squares of dove dark chocolate
  • NOTE: Peerman tries to limit alcohol intake during the week while occasionally splurging on one glass of red wine.

WORKOUT ROUTINE (Note: Peerman switches up her routine regularly as to not get bored, but this routine is from last week)

  • Monday: Cardio 30 minutes (speed intervals) + Leg and shoulder resistance training
  • Tuesday: Cardio (long duration- no intervals) 45 minutes + 15 minutes of core/abs work
  • Wednesday: Chest and back resistance training + 20 minutes of pilates/ stretching exercises
  • Thursday: Cardio 45 minutes (can be speed intervals or long duration) + 15 minutes of core/abs
  • Friday: Cardio 30 minutes (speed intervals) + Back and triceps resistance training
  • Saturday: OFF DAY
  • Sunday: 1 hour long walk ( usually on the Katy Trail or around the neighborhood with a friend)

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