My Time with Core Fusion

I started going to the Core Fusion classes at Exhale Spa two Fridays ago. I am definitely a big believer in running and the elliptical, but when it comes to strength and toning I have absolutely no motivation to go and lift weights at a gym.

I heard about the Core Fusion classes through a friend and decided to try them out.

If you are a beginner there are several different classes you can try out. Exhale Spa offers Core Fusion Basic, Open, Sport, Cardio and Boot Camp.

Today I went to the Core Fusion Open class. The class works every muscle in your body: arms, legs, butt and abs.

You start off with a warm up to get your blood flowing and then you immediately move into planks.

From there you begin to incorporate the weights and the exercise ball.

This is the point in the class when I really start to feel my arms burning. Even though you’re only using 1-3 pound weights the constant movement really gets you.

Next you move to the bar and begin one of the more intense leg workouts I have ever done. I can only describe it by saying that my legs shake every time I go through the different movements.

The final portion of the class is abs, and even though you are using your core throughout the entire class you concentrate solely on that area at the end.

I left the class feeling stronger and completely at ease. The classes are great for toning and building muscle if you are looking for a new class to try out.

If you are an SMU student and would like to try a Core Fusion class for free call Susie Farnick at Dallas’ Exhale Spa at (214) 370-5800. Let her know you learned about Core Fusion classes on our Health and Fitness Blog and that you would like to see if Core Fusion is right for you.

For more information on Core Fusion, including the class schedule visit

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