Preseason Round Two

For people who participated in sports in high school- remember that feeling right after a summer preseason practice when you are in an incredible amount of pain but it is the best kind of pain there is? Well that is how I feel after trying the Shed and Shred program at Dedman for the past two days.

The program switches up each day to make sure you are using all of your muscles. It uses variations of different workout routines, and every few minutes you are changing up your routine. Combined with fast paced music you will never get bored.

But here is my warning: Don’t try and do your regular workout routine before the class.

It quickly turns into one of those situations where you have to ask yourself, “What was I thinking??”

The class is great if you are looking to switch up your workout routine or want to workout in a group. Do what I did and grab a few friends to try out the class with you.

Friday is the last day to try out the class for free.


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